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About Telecare

About TeleCare

Good Samaritan TeleCare® provides total home monitoring, safety and security support to individuals young and old, injured and in good health, as well as businesses Canada-wide.

Receive peace of mind with monitored home safety devices, telephone support services and personal emergency response.

Monitor – From stovetop monitors to flood & fall detection.
Support – Medication reminders & care calls.
Respond – Personalized response plans.

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Established in 1987 as Good Samaritan Lifeline to help seniors stay in their homes longer, Good Samaritan TeleCare® has since expanded its service and support offerings to include whole home monitoring.

Good Samaritan TeleCare® bases its services on the needs of its clientele, understanding that no product, no matter how incredible, is not very useful unless backed by exemplary personal service and caring.

Good Samaritan Lifeline began its service on August 6th with 76 Lifeline units
Good Samaritan Lifeline was recognized as the  #1 program in North America by Lifeline and had grown to serve 1000 clients in just 5 years
Good Samaritan Lifeline changed its name to Good Samaritan TeleCare® and expanded its service options to provide better service for thier clients
Good Samaritan TeleCare® implemented a new software for monitoring and moved to The Good Samaritan Society corporate office with a new monitoring centre
Good Samaritan TeleCare® moved to one provider of personal emergency response equipment and upgraded over 3000 clients to the latest technology provided by Tunstall Canada
TeleCare promotes the CookStop as their latest step for client independence