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I own a business and often my employees are alone on site, can you help me protect their safety?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® offers Personal Help Buttons and assorted sensors that can be used to monitor individuals in lone-worker situations while providing the security of one-touch access to help.

I recently had surgery, can I use Good Samaritan TeleCare® while I recover?

Absolutely. Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide service and support calls for recovery patients that are specific to their needs. In most emergent situations, TeleCare services can be installed into a home within 2 business days.

My children are too old for daycare, but I worry about them at home alone, what can Good Samaritan TeleCare® do?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide monitoring and personal alert services with calls set up to come directly to you if there is an issue. You gain peace of mind by knowing your children are monitored while your children continue to gain a sense of independence.

Can Good Samaritan TeleCare® be installed to monitor an entire supportive living facility?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® services and products are often used for just such a purpose. Whole facility installations can become added-value incentives for residents while providing additional supports and security.

My mother doesn’t have a lot of retirement income, is there a way she can access Good Samaritan TeleCare® services?

In Alberta, Good Samaritan TeleCare® services are provisioned for qualified seniors living at home through Veterans Affairs, The Poppy Fund and Alberta Seniors. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you determine which program may be applicable for you, or you can visit Alberta Seniors Special Needs Assistance for more information.

I travel and am away from home for extended periods of time, what can I do to ensure the safety and security of my home?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® offers several alternatives for those who travel for extended periods of time. Specialized monitoring equipment like temperature sensors and flood detection monitors can help ensure anything that might go amiss is caught quickly to avoid damage or contain it quickly. We also offer security features like window and door monitoring and motion detection to ensure the security of your home while you’re away.

Do I have to be a senior to use Good Samaritan TeleCare®?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® is available to everyone – regardless of age. We serve clients in all demographics as the need for safety and security is universal.

Can Good Samaritan TeleCare® provide medication reminders?

Yes, Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide a wide range of service calls and monitoring services to ensure daily activities are completed. Medication reminders, meal times and many other reminders can be worked into your individualized Care Call package.

What if I can’t speak when I use my Personal Help Button?

Don’t worry, Good Samaritan TeleCare® responds to all alerts and will not stop until we confirm that you’re okay, or you’ve been helped. So even if you can’t speak, you’ll know that help is on the way.

What if I press my button accidentally?

If your Personal Help Button is pressed accidentally our operators are more than happy to hear that you are okay. There is no charge per alarm call and we encourage our clients to press their button monthly for testing.

What areas does Good Samaritan TeleCare® provide services in?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® can be used anyplace in Canada there is access to a landline phone.

Will I be locked into a long-term contract?

No, our contracts can be ongoing month-to-month or renewed as needed on an annual basis. An annual contract can reduce your overall contract fees.