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Good Samaritan TeleCare® provides monitoring, support and response services to individuals of all ages and situations, from lone-workers to seniors at home.


We provide monitoring services for all types of situations. From fall and flood detection to temperature monitoring.


Whenever it’s time for a meal, medication, appointments or other, Good Samaritan TeleCare® provides friendly and caring service. We can arrange Care Calls for specific times, specific situations and even specify the response that should be taken from a call.

The ability to completely customize each client’s Care Call experience allows for safety and security in a broad range of situations from children home alone, to lone workers or older adults aging in place.


Good Samaritan TeleCare® completes its continuum of care with exemplary response services. Care workers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that every alert or alarm gets responded to in an appropriate and timely manner.

Care Calls

Reminders about medications, meal schedules, appointments or simply a call to see how you are. The call can be used in a variety of situations such as for diabetics to check in to make sure they were okay overnight and a check up call in the evening to ensure they have gotten through the day alright.

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Who Uses Telecare Services

Frequent & Long Term Travellers

People who travel for work or pleasure can rest assured knowing someone is looking out for their property. Good Samaritan TeleCare® offers security and monitoring that’s backed by the Good Samaritan TeleCare® Monitoring Centre, which means if there’s water somewhere it shouldn’t be or an unexplained spike in temperature in your home, TeleCare is dealing with the issue in the manner you’ve specified.

Whether that requires a call to Emergency Services, to you in Arizona or on a satellite phone in Dubai, or just to your favourite neighbour so they can access a lockbox and check the state of your home, we’ll make sure your home is monitored and every alarm followed through on.




Group Homes & Facilities for Persons with Developmental Challenges

Providing a means of independence can be easier and safer with Good Samaritan TeleCare®. While promoting independent activities like time alone, independent cooking and bathing, Good Samaritan TeleCare® products and Monitoring Centre can provide peace of mind and security.

The use of Door Bell, Phone and Smoke Alerts can add additional security to independent time when paired with a vibrating lighted paging device. Flood Monitors, Personal Help Buttons and CookStop devices can ensure that even alone, a person with developmental or behavioural challenges is always supported.




Hearing Impairment Aids

For those living with hearing impairments, daily tasks often require assistance. In order to help increase the independence of those living with hearing impairments, Good Samaritan TeleCare® offers a wide range of assistive devices from Door Bell Alerts to Baby Cry Monitors. These devices, when combined with Personal Help Buttons, Good Samaritan TeleCare® Monitoring Centre services and other offerings ensure total safety, security and appropriate levels of support for the hearing impaired.




Parents & Guardians

Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide safety and peace of mind for parents of tweens and teens just embarking on independent actions with products like Care Calls, CookStop, home security and Personal Help Buttons. Parents and guardians can safely and easily encourage children to learn independence through self care during the before/after school hours, cooking and more.

Additional security measures make childcare a supported endeavor between you, your caregiver and Good Samaritan TeleCare®.




Recovery Patients

Regardless of the recovery situation, Good Samaritan TeleCare® offers services and products that meet the needs of the convalescing adult. From Care Calls to Personal Help Buttons, Good Samaritan TeleCare® backs every product we sell, and ensures that you feel safe and supported while recovering alone at home.

Good Samaritan TeleCare® can often be installed into a home within 2 business days, and does not have to be a permanent addition. Please call us to discuss your needs.





For the senior who wants to remain in their home longer, Good Samaritan TeleCare® is a program that ensures safety and security. Whether the main concern is falls, personal emergency, medication compliance, or any other issue, Good Samaritan TeleCare® offers products and services geared to making the experience of aging in place safe, secure and supported.

Personal Help Buttons, Fall Detectors, CookStop devices, home security devices, Door Sensors, specialized hearing assistance devices such as Door Bell Alerts and more provide the full range of care required to ensure safety and security of every client in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.




Seniors’ Facilities

The care, emergency response, personal security and support options are available to any individual in any living situation with a land phone line. This can range from replacing entire nurse call bell systems to individual emergency response systems. Please contact Good Samaritan TeleCare® to discuss needs, options and pricing.





Lone worker, isolated and shift workers can raise safety and security issues for employers. Dealing with these concerns is easy with Good Samaritan TeleCare® products like Personal Help Buttons, Window & Door Sensors, security features, lockboxes, Care Calls and more. Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide the necessary supports and products to ensure that your staff have access to immediate emergency response, security and support.




Good Samaritan TeleCare® helps clients determine what monitoring, support and response services they need.